Co-Ex & Composite Timber – Victoria

Why Choose Futurewood’s Alternative Timber Products?

Are you looking to upgrade your mundane and old looking deck or screen fencing on your property in Victoria? Are you planning to install a new cladding? If you are then you should know for starters that it can be tough weighing up the choice of various building materials. Both residential and commercial property owners have always loved the solid and warm appeal of rainforest timber. It has always been a favorite when it comes to decking and fencing. However, new building materials such as composite timber are breaking into the market and perhaps it is time to reconsider if you still wish to go with traditional timber.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Timber

Contrary to what other people might say, the conventional timber hasn’t always been the most cost-effective and practical option. With the recycled composite timber offering property owners from Melbourne and Geelong several benefits like less and hassle-free maintenance, it is easy to see why much debate about this topic. Of course, we do not discount the fact that traditional timber has several advantages to offer. A few of these include short-term affordability, versatility, easy to work with, can easily be renovated and comes from a renewable source. But just like all other products in the market, traditional timber also possesses its own set of disadvantages. It requires a lot of maintenance, expensive to maintain, and requires cutting down many trees.

Futurewood Alternative Timber Products

With all of these taken into consideration, it’s no wonder composite timber has taken the construction sector by storm. One of the premier suppliers in Victoria is Futurewood. Our company is committed to giving all our clients with high quality and sustainable alternative to rainforest timber, which we believe should be left in the forest. We started our business in 2007 and we have been serving Victoria and other nearby locations since our inception. We provide the building industry with eco-friendly and value-added products for cladding, decking and screen fencing. Our composite timber features improved performance in certain building applications and provides other great benefits.

We have been supplying our composite timber products for both small and large projects by private homeowners and large companies and organizations such as Bennett Constructions, Emmanuel Anglican College, NSW Government Architects. We are also proud to say that we have refined our supply model after being in business for a decade and we have developed a more efficient direct supply model that will ensure our clients, including those from Bendigo, Ballarat, and St Kilda get the best quality products, as well as delivery and customer services. If you want to know more or if you interested in some of our products, feel free to get in touch with Futurewood.

Futurewood Products For Decking, Cladding, Screen Fencing

At Futurewood, we offer the CleverDeck 138mm wide solid WPC composite decking timber that is available in five different colors. These are Chocolate, Mahogany, Saltbush, Slate Grey, and Walnut. You may also choose between an indented grain and a non-indented grain finish. We also offer the EnviroSlat Composite Screen Fencing and cladding composite timber. Unlike their traditional counterpart, the recycled composite timber offered by Futurewood does not rot, crack, or cup plus, they also look really great.

Benefits of Choosing Composite Timber Materials

You might be wondering why you should choose composite timber when nothing beats the charm of real wood. The problem with the latter is that it requires regular maintenance, can become slippery when wet, faded color after a few years, and is prone to rotting and cracking. It is no wonder that a growing number of property owners are looking for substitutes to traditional wood.

Futurewood composite timber products are low maintenance, one of the major benefits that users will enjoy. It does not need resealing or repainting and there is no need to worry about rotting or warping. All you need to do is just keep the deck clean by sweeping or washing it down. Since you no longer have to worry about its appearance, you can be sure that your composite timber products will always look great with little to almost no need for maintenance. You can also choose from five different colors and find one that will match your property’s decoration will not be a problem.

Composite timber is also environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional wood, there is no need to cut trees so you’ll have timber to build the structure that you want. Composite timbers are made of recycled plastic, rice husks, and other materials. The utilization of recycled materials means fewer wastes are dumped into landfills and etc. You will also not be using new timbers that need chemical treatment for additional protection against moisture, insects, weather, and so on.

Cost-effectiveness is another benefit that composite timber can provide. The amount that you have to pay to purchase the alternative timber products is either equivalent or even less than the price you have to pay for real timber. Also, you will get to save a lot of cash in the long run since you don’t have to spend thousands over the years to maintain your timber.

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