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West End Revisit Onyx apartment – Architectural cladding

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Situated in Brisbane’s popular West End, is the sophisticated Onyx Apartments. Aesthetically inspired by the surrounding area’s metropolitan culture, the Onyx Apartments speak to those with an eye for meticulous attention to detail and desire for a home that’s as elegant as it is timeless.

Innovative conception

Building the impressive three storey property was not without its challenges. Despite BPM Corp’s positive reaction to the large, timber architectural cladding (screen façade) highlighted in plans, thoughts immediately turned to the practicality of maintaining such a structure.

West End Revist Onyx apartment - Architectural CladdingThe costs and commitment of annual sanding, oiling and painting, plus maintenance disturbance to residents, meant an alternative solution for architectural cladding needed to be sought.

Low maintenance, sustainable architectural cladding from Futurewood

The challenge was clear: find architectural cladding with the same sophisticated, modern look of timber. It needed to be low maintenance – it had to last without annual sanding and oiling, and be completely weather resistant – able to withstand harsh heat, humidity and rain.

The answer? Architectural cladding from Futurewood. Waterproof, doesn’t rot, and doesn’t require oiling, plus, it’s produced from almost entirely recycled materials, including wood waste, rice husks and industrial plastic waste. So, not only does it look great, but it’s fantastic for the environment too.

Another benefit of choosing Futurewood was that BPM Corp ended up spending less than if they’d chosen the hardwood timber originally chosen for the job! It’s a fantastic outcome for both us, BPM Corp and the stunning Onyx Apartments.


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