Embracing the Beauty of Cypress Decking: A Comprehensive Guide

Decking is essential in many Australian homes, providing outdoor space for relaxation and entertaining. Whether it’s creating a stunning poolside area, an alfresco dining spot, or a unique garden feature, the material you choose for your decking significantly influences its aesthetics and functionality. Today, we explore one of Australia’s popular choices—Cypress Decking. With our experienced team at Nationwide Timber, we’ve delved into everything there is to know about cypress decking, from the cypress pine timber decking to the distinct benefits it offers.

Why Choose Cypress Decking?

So, why is cypress pine good for deck flooring. As any knowledgeable salesperson at a timber supply store will advise, this natural product possesses exceptional features that make it a top choice for Australian decking.

Unbeatable Durability

Cypress decking boards are known for their excellent durability. They’re highly resistant to borer activity, meaning they can last long without showing signs of past borer activity. Moreover, cypress decking timber has a high durability rating, ensuring it can withstand the rigours of time and changing weather conditions.

Natural Beauty

The natural colour of cypress decking timber varies from light to dark brown, complementing many house exteriors beautifully. Gum veins and knots add character and uniqueness to each board, making cypress decking an excellent feature to add visual interest to your home.

Cypress Pine Decking: A Detailed Look

Timber Selection

The process begins with selecting the cypress pine. Our friendly and helpful guys at Nationwide Timber understand that quality is paramount. Hence we ensure that we only offer select grade timber for your decking needs. This way, we keep tight control over the quality of our products, offering only the best quality and prices for our customers.

Product Range and Pricing

Cypress decking for sale comes in various grades, each having a unique set of features. Jason, one of our team members, suggests that the standard rate is an excellent choice for homeowners who love a rustic look with gum veins and knots adding character to the boards.

The price for cypress pine decking timber is competitive, offering great value for money. Our service team at Nationwide Timber will be more than happy to provide a detailed price breakdown and advise you on the best product for your needs.

Decking in Garden Ideas

Cypress pine deck in your garden can significantly enhance your outdoor space. Consider adding a deck around a feature tree or creating a viewing platform in your garden. Not only does a deck offer a practical solution for outdoor living, but it can also increase the value of your home.

Benefits of Cypress Decking in Garden

So when it comes to the question is cypress pine good for decking, then the answer is a firm yes. As a timber it brings a natural aesthetic to any garden. Its natural resistance to borer activity and high durability rating make it perfect for outdoor applications. Furthermore, the spotted gum veins and distinct colour of cypress decking blend well with a garden’s greenery, creating an idyllic setting for relaxation.

Exploring Composite Decking Material

While cypress decking offers numerous benefits, exploring other options is essential. One of these is composite decking material. This product has become increasingly popular over the past years due to several key benefits.

Features and Advantages

Composite decking is durable, just like cypress decking. However, it’s made from wood and plastic, making it highly resistant to moisture and insect damage. Moreover, it requires less maintenance than traditional wood decking, saving you time and effort in the long run. Although composite decking doesn’t have the same natural appeal as cypress decking, it offers a range of colours and finishes to suit any house exterior.

Making Your Decking Choice

Whether you decide on cypress or composite decking depends on your preferences. Cypress pine decking offers a natural, character-filled choice, while composite decking provides a low-maintenance, long-lasting option.

Aaron, one of our sales team members, states, “The decision is ultimately up to the customer. Some customers love the natural features of cypress decking, while others prefer the durability and ease of composite decking. Regardless, we at Nationwide Timber can cater to both.”

Quality Cypress Decking with Nationwide Timber

Choosing Nationwide Timber ensures you choose quality cypress decking boards for your home project. Our team prides itself on our exceptional customer service and our wide range of products. We offer delivery of our cypress decking nationwide, guaranteeing that no matter where you are in the nation, you can find high-quality cypress decking for sale from Nationwide Timber.


Whether you need advice on choosing between cypress pine decking timber and composite decking or want to order your materials, we’re here to help. We’re experienced, friendly, and ready to make your decking project successful. Contact us today to start your journey to a beautiful cypress deck.