The Ideal Deck System in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Decks are an integral part of any Australian home, serving as an idyllic outdoor space to relax, entertain, or take in the beauty of nature. A decking system, more than just timber boards and joists, is a complex setup that requires careful thought and selection. This article delves into deck systems, highlighting composite decking and offering a treasure trove of garden decking ideas.

Deck Systems in Australia: An Overview

Deck systems encompass all the materials, design components, and assembly methods used to construct a deck. Australian decking systems range from traditional treated timber setups to innovative composite decking. With modern advancements, decking systems now come in various forms, including the modular decking system, the deck cell system, the waterproof membrane deck system, and many more.

The Essence of a Good Decking System

The decking frame or deck framing system is at the heart of any deck system. This underlying structure supports the deck boards and helps ensure stability. Traditional decking frames are made from treated timber or steel, while more contemporary versions can also include aluminium. Selecting the right framing system is vital as it forms the foundation of your outdoor space.

Sub-frame components like joists, box span deck frames, or quick-build solutions are part of the support structure. Depending on the design and materials, some systems may require a concrete or loose fill base, while others may be built directly on the ground or over existing surfaces like grass or pavers.

Critical considerations for the perfect deck system include the required deck heights, stability, and easy installation. Fortunately, with today’s vast array of deck systems, you’ll find solutions that suit all deck heights and offer easy installation, making them ideal for DIY projects.

The Advantages of Composite Decking Systems

Composite decking systems are fast becoming the choice for many Australian homes. Composite decking is an innovative product made from wood fibres and recycled plastic, offering many benefits over traditional timber decking.

Why Choose Composite?

Composite decking is waterproof, ensuring long-lasting protection against the elements. Unlike timber, it doesn’t warp or splinter, making it an ideal solution for outdoor spaces frequented by children or pets. It’s also resistant to pests and doesn’t require regular staining or sealing, making it an easy-to-maintain solution for busy homeowners.

Additionally, composite decking boards offer a uniform aesthetic appeal, often available in various colours and finishes to mimic natural timber. 

Decking Systems for Your Garden: A World of Possibilities

Decking systems open possibilities for creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. From cosy corners for rest to expansive areas for entertaining, decking systems can dramatically transform your garden.

Ideas for Garden Decking

Imagine a multi-level decking system that provides various heights for different functions – a raised deck for dining and entertaining, an open deck for lounging, and a ground-level deck near a pool or pond. Composite decking materials could maintain a consistent look and feel, while waterproof membranes in areas exposed to moisture would offer added protection.

A deck system might be the perfect way to create a ‘room’ outside for smaller garden spaces. Whether you prefer a simple square deck for seating and dining or a more complex design incorporating built-in planters or benches, the right deck system can add value and aesthetic appeal to any garden.

The Future of Decking Systems

The future of decking systems is bright, with technology and innovation driving changes. New developments in waterproofing, such as advanced waterproof membranes, provide better protection and longevity.

The trend of modular decking systems and easy-to-install kit solutions is set to continue, catering to the growing DIY market. Such systems come with pre-cut components that can be easily assembled, reducing installation time and ensuring a stable, level deck.

Another emerging trend is the rise of health-conscious decking materials. Long-lasting products and low maintenance are being developed, healthier for the environment and those who enjoy them. This means less toxic treatments, more recycling, and a push towards sustainable practices.


In conclusion, a deck system can be much more than a collection of joist boards. It’s a carefully designed, meticulously assembled structure that offers an ideal outdoor space for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment. The use of composite decking materials and the incorporation of decks into garden designs are just some of the ways that deck systems are evolving in Australia. So whether you’re building a new deck or upgrading an existing one, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination.