Pool Decks : Why Build One And How Much It Costs

A pool will never be complete without a new deck. A pool deck must fit into your property’s overall landscape if you wish for your outdoor living experience to be much more enjoyable. If you are planning to build one, here are a few points that will help you get started apart from knowing how much does it cost to build a pool deck.

What’s Involved?

Deck installation is a home project that can be quite expensive to build and in most cases, it needs the assistance of a professional builder so be sure to contact a reliable one. A simple pool deck can be completed by any builder. However elaborate designs for luxury above ground pools with decks may need the additional expertise of a designer or an architect. Additionally, don’t forget to factor in the labor, materials, pool deck products like composite wood or co-extrusion timber as well as check the cost of permits in 2018 when figuring out your budget.

How Will You Use The Space?

It is also important to determine how you plan to use the space. If you plan to use this area for various outdoor activities, you might find slit level deck designs useful because they add interest and create dimension. You can have an area that’s for lounging, another area for dining, and another one for entertaining. In case you have a sloping backyard, please follow the topography so you can figure out where the different areas should be created while maintaining privacy. Think about how the different levels will make the most out of the surrounding scenery and offer different vantage points. Furthermore, make sure that the railing, if you plan to install one, does not block the view.

Assess Your Surroundings

Let your home’s style inform your deck’s style. It is also a good idea to match your home’s architecture so that your deck’s design will blend seamlessly with your home. If you want to make sure that the swimming pool wood deck designs of your dreams come true, you have to take your time, do your research well, and don’t forget to gather inspiration before anything else.

Composite Decking Prices

The question now is how much does it cost to build a pool deck? Compared to traditional wood, composite decking and co-extrusion timber is a bit more expensive. However, since composite wood no longer needs regular sanding and resealing, having it built is a more affordable option over time. They are commonly sold by the square prices and their actual costs vary between $110 and $125 per square meter. However, there are several factors that will affect the cost of your pool deck. These include the size, the complexity of the design, as well as the labor.

Why Go For Composite Wood?

Traditional wood is increasingly being replaced by composite wood as the material of choice for outdoor spaces like pool decks. Composite wood is designed to offer lasting beauty, improved durability, and easy maintenance. It brings to the table all the beauty and elegance that conventional wood has to offer but without the inconveniences brought on by continuous maintenance.

Composite Wood is durable. It does not fade, stain, scratch, rot, crack, or warp. It is not prone to mold growth and is splinter free and insect proof. All these make composite wood more comfortable and safer for families. As mentioned earlier, composite decking requires minimal upkeep. You don’t have to worry about sanding, staining, and painting. All it needs is basic cleaning using soap and water and you’ll get to maintain the beauty of your deck for decades. Composite Wood is also known for its aesthetics. It looks and feels like natural wood and is available in different colors, too. This option is also sustainable. Although it looks a lot like real wood, it does not have any environmental impact because it is made of recycled materials.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose composite wood for your pool deck installation project.