PVC Fencing Prices

How Much Does PVC Fences Cost?

PVC plastic fence has been extremely popular among Australian homeowners over the past years. The boom in sales can be attributed to how it offers all the advantages of conventional wood material without having to worry about repair or maintenance issues. New PVC plastic fence has ultraviolet ray protection, which means it does not need repainting even when placed under extreme conditions. Most of these products have high resistance to dents and scratches, making them a great security fence material for your garden or pool. They are also not prone to rotting, decomposing, or shrinking. So if you think about it, regular wood may seem more cost friendly upfront but PVC fencing prices Australia are actually lower if you consider the many benefits it has to offer in the long run.

Why Go For PVC Fence Panels?

Numerous homeowners in different parts of the country and even the world have been changing their standard fencing material to durable PVC fence panels and fencing gates. The latter more than five times stronger than natural wood and it is far more flexible. Unlike traditional wood, which can expose us to potentially dangerous chemical treatments, PVC fence panels are non-toxic. They contain 100% recyclable plastic and it is produced using only the highest safety standards, which is very much required within the commercial, industrial, and commercial industry.

Types Of PVC Fences

PVC fences are available in a range of types, colors, and style. Among the most famous ones is the privacy fence, which will limit the view from passersby and neighbors. This type of PVC picket fence panels can be designed to be as high as 6 feet and some variations can be as wide as 8 feet. There are designs that feature a realistic wood grain, granite texture styles, and even stone texture. These products are commonly found on semi-privacy picket fences and can add or create an excellent ornamental feature to a property. The pickets of these fences are spaced apart and positioned in a wavy or horizontal pattern on top of one another. Semi-privacy fences, either made of timber, composites, or PVC, are options that let other people look through the panels to see your outdoor area. The other types include the shadow box PVC fences as well as the PVC picket fencing panels.

PVC Fencing Prices Australia

The PVC fencing prices Australia of those mentioned above vary depending on the width and height of the materials that are bought. Needless to say, a large privacy fence is considerably costlier than a small picket fence since more PVC materials are used. Homeowners who are on a tight budget may want to opt for a semi-privacy fence, which provides a sufficient amount of privacy at a low price.

If you only need a fence to designate the property line, the best solution is the PVC picket fence panels. These products have a traditional design that can boost the aesthetic value of your property. They are also the top choices in terms of defining boundaries and for security fencing building projects. You can also opt for custom PVC picket fence panels, which are likewise available in different colors and sizes. Some homeowners prefer PVC gates or ornamental post caps to add to this traditional look. The PVC fencing prices Australia relies on local rates, how many fence posts will be installed, and how complicated is the installation site.

Other Important Considerations

Homeowners always need to determine whether the fencing materials include screws, inserts, and stainless steel fasteners. Your fence will be much stronger if you use stainless steel products. When purchasing supplies for a PVC fence, be sure to purchase from a reliable manufacturer or supplier like Futurewood that offers a warranty, top quality products and services.

PVC fence panels are extremely versatile. They work well in areas located in an urban or rural setting. These products have low maintenance and cleaning requirements after you install them. They have high resistance to many elements including moisture, rust, flaking, and cracking, which makes them ideal materials for various outdoor construction projects. You might be paying more upfront but you are sure to get what you pay for.

So, what should you do next? If you want to know more about PVC fencing prices Australia, please call Futurewood today. Feel free to contact us via phone or email if you need professional help.