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A Brief Overview About PVC Decking


If you want to find an alternative to the conventional wood decking material, you have lots of options to choose from including composite wood. Among them is white PVC decking. If you are a DIYer or into the building sector, you might be familiar with PVC vinyl decking. But for those who are not, then here’s a quick overview about this type of material, which is very popular in the decking sector. Let us discuss its benefits and why it is a great choice if you are looking for the best product for your deck project.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is the third most widely produced artificial plastic polymer in the world. You most likely have some PVC products in your home. Among the most common ones are windows, floors, and even decks. PVC is a very durable material because of its composition. It has high resistance to moisture, dents, insects, and even fire, which makes it a great choice for many porch and decking applications.

PVC Does Not Contain Organic Materials – Since PVC does not contain organic materials, this type of decking product is not susceptible to mold growth, which is a primary problem in damp locations like beachfront properties, marinas, and lakes. A lot of homeowners choose PVC decking materials because of its moisture resistance.

PVC Is Not Susceptible To Pest Infestation – another good thing about not having any organic content is that the material won’t attractive hungry pests. By going with the best PVC decking material, you no longer have to worry about dealing with pest infestation, which could destroy the integrity as well as appearance of your outdoor deck.

PVC Has High Resistance To Dents and Flame – white PVC decking products are ideal for areas with high traffic. Additionally, whether it is dry or wet, white PVC decking is also slip resistant. Since this material is lightweight, it is easy to carry and work with, which is a bonus for DIYers and contractors. Another advantage that white PVC material offers is its high resistance to flames. Although this might not be the very first thing that you think of when buying a decking product, flame resistance is an vital factor to consider especially if you reside in areas where fires are one of the primary concerns.

PVC Has Minimal Cleaning And Maintenance Needs – Just like with capped composites, white PVC decking do not require staining, painting, or finishing. If your deck is made of this material, it will only require annual cleaning with water and a mild detergent to keep the panels looking their best. Of course, be sure to check the care and maintenance guide provided by your deck board supplier like Futurewood before applying chemicals on your deck.

It would seem that PVC decking is a wonderful option, but how does it look? Just like with other things, it all boils down to the brand and supplier you choose. With Futurewood’s white PVC decking material, you are guaranteed to receive high quality products. In the past, PVC was often dismissed by homeowners because it is obviously made of plastic. But with today’s innovation and technology, PVC vinyl decking now looks a lot like real wood. It is also available in different colors, which means you will not have any problems finding the perfect shade for your new outdoor space.

Additionally, if you appreciate the additional assurance of a rock solid warranty, Futurewood got you covered too. What are you waiting for? Choose white PVC decking now. With its features and benefits, you can never go wrong.

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